What Next?

The next step, if we haven’t already done so, would be for us to get together – have a chat about what you are wanting to do and achieve – and take it from there.

We would need to view your property and provide you with an appraisal, CMA report etc.

If we agree to work together we will need to collect all the ‘legal’ stuff – property particulars etc.

We would need to sign the Listing Agreement – The Authority from you to act as your agent.
But before that we need to give you important information in keeping with the Property Act.
This information is designed to inform you of your rights and expectancies re our work.

Due to new Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws (2019) all vendors are required to supply current valid personal identification which must be witnessed by your Axis Realty agent.

We can then draw up the marketing plan – together (Remember…we are a team!)

We will then arrange the sign and advertising as per my agreement with you.

We reiterate – we work for you!

Our job is to attract attention to the property and introduce potential buyers and then negotiate!!
Unlike many agents out there we do have an agreement whereby we will conjunct with another agent if they maintain they have an interested buyer.

We wouldn’t be thinking in your best interests if we didn’t work with other outside agents or salespeople in helping to sell for you!  

Our aim is to keep you ‘fully’ informed of all activity regarding the sale of your property and we keep all notes regarding all progress and activity for your perusal.

Total transparency is paramount!

If we do business together we want your property to sell - and we want your recommendation!

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service, and we look forward to working with you.